Russian water-100 ml-e

Russian water-100 ml-e

Russian water

For external use only.

100 ml e

Ingredients: benzocaine, procaine chloride, menthol, ethanol, distilled water, mint essential oil. Properties and action: the preparation is traditionally used as a strong antirheumatic and for the treatment of sports injuries. It effectively removes acute and chronic problems with various forms of joint inflammation, sports injuries, muscle inflammation, etc. How to use: spray or apply to sore spots on the body several times a day and rub lightly.

Precautions: hypersensitivity to any component of the preparation; do not apply to open wounds and damaged skin; do not spray near the eyes; do not use simultaneously with other antirheumatics or preparations on the same surface where Russian water is used. N.B. For children under 7 years of age consult a pediatrician. Storage instructions: keep closed, in the original packaging, in a dark place at room temperature, out of the reach of children. Shake before use.

May be sold without a doctor’s prescription.